Systematically Reading Through ALL The Bible

Have you ever read all of the Bible?? Do you make it a practice to be reading systematically through all of God’s Word??

Those of you that know me, know how much I talk about reading through all of the Bible. Reading through all of the Bible isn’t just some challenge or some program that sounds nice or something we can do to put a check mark down that we have completed. Rather, reading through the Bible should be a continual practice of those who earnestly seek to know the Lord more and walk in His Way.

I say this because it seems that over the past few years many are getting away from the Truth of God’s Word and are creating new doctrines, practices, and beliefs that may sound “Christian”, but are far from the truth. Many are striving for community or a deeper relationship with God, but many don’t realize they are getting swept away into things that are far from Biblical. We must get back to a solid foundation of the Bible.

In the past few years I have read and encountered many wide and varied theologies amongst those claiming to be Christian. At times they have me puzzled; either I am really missing something or what they are saying isn’t true. What I have found is that at times it is tough to discern what is truth from error or even truth from opinion. Many of those claiming to be pastors, teachers, authors, etc., have packaged their beliefs in such a way that unless you really do some research you may not be able to know if what they are saying is true or not.

Acts 17:11 gives us a clear challenge to be like the Bereans where it says, “Now these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.” The Bereans were eager to receive the word, but weren’t willing to just take what Paul was saying as truth. Rather they did their homework by studying God’s Word to see for themselves if what Paul was saying was true. Today, is no different. We cannot wholeheartedly trust those who have “gone to seminary”, have large followings, or package things in such a way to blindly be our guides; we must be checking out for ourselves in the Bible who God is and what it looks like to walk in His Way.

Even saying all of this, I don’t think many truly get it. We live in a culture of being constantly busy that many won’t or don’t think that they need to personally be spending time reading through all of the Bible. They have other things to do, their pastor is different, or their church is Bible-based. I am here to say that any and all are just excuses. There is no reason more important for us than to be making it a priority to continually spend time getting to know the Lord more through His Word and especially to challenge everything we hear to see if what is said is true and in the true context of Scripture.

So I encourage you that if you have never read through all of the Bible to start today. There are many different Bible Reading Plans you can start and even a couple on the Antelope Heights House website you can download. I also encourage you that even if you have read through the Bible once or 100 times to either start again or continue in this practice. This is the only way we can be sure of what we believe and are following is the Truth. As we continue to learn and put to practice the things from God’s Word, we will be able to sharpen one another just as it says in Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”