Why I Believe In Bible Reading Plans

For I did not shrink from declaring the whole purpose of God.—–Acts 20:27


Back in Bible College was the first time that I finished reading through the Bible for the first time. I was astonished how much I learned…as well as how much I didn’t know. Since then, I’ve sought to make it a practice of simply reading through the Bible each year. At times it hasn’t been easy, but it has been something that has challenged me greatly.

The simple reason I believe it is important for followers of Jesus to be reading through God’s Word is what Paul declared to the elders from the Ephesian church in the passage above; that he didn’t shrink back from declaring the whole purpose of God. The only way he could say that is that he sought to deliver to them all that God had planned and desired for them. The same should be said of us as we seek to know all that God has for us.

Studying the Bible is important. As well as being able to look up passages that strengthen, challenge, and encourage us. But I always come back to the importance of remembering and focusing on the bigger picture of who God is and what it means to have true faith in Him. This is done through the systematic reading of the His Word.

As I have continued to challenge people with reading through the Bible, the question always arises why it matters if you read the Bible in a year. What I have found is that since it is difficult for most of us to be consistent or even to accomplish reading through the whole Bible, it is good to set a time in which to be done. Can it be done sooner?? Possibly. Can it or should it take longer?? Possibly. The main goal is to be plugging along and seeking to take in what the Lord has laid out for us in the Old and New Testaments.

Names, Places, and other things can be tough at times to get through. But as we grow for a love of God’s Word, there is far more than meets the eye. Some parts of Scripture can also be really confusing or some that we may not understand at all. It is ok. I always tell people that it is more about trying to grasp an overview of the Bible. There are other times to go back and study those parts more in depth, but the overall concept is keep plugging along.

This week as a church we are starting the reading plan once again. Consider joining us. It is helpful knowing that others are plugging along each week with you. We have reading plans posted on the Antelope Heights House website to download to follow. You can also always check the website and Twitter for what week we are on and the reading for each week.

The reading plans we follow are by week as I have found that it is much easier to follow along rather than by each day. Most people aren’t good at spending time in the Word every day and so instead of beating ourselves up over missing a day or more, doing a weekly plan encourages each of us as we continue our way through. It is tough if you get behind, but if you do, don’t worry, just keep going with where you are and keeping working till you are finished. Don’t worry if you don’t get done in a year, but the key is trying to be as consistent as possible and spending time in God’s Word as a lifestyle.

May the Lord richly bless you as you seek know Him more and apply the things you learn to your life!!