Are There Really False Teachers??

In an age of growing tolerance and acceptance of basically everything under the sun, clarity of true faith in Jesus is getting more and more blurred; even among professing Christians.  We have become so afraid to call things what they are that most people tend to shy away from anything that might cause offense.  In doing so, this has allowed for false teachers and false teaching to become embraced within a now broadening scope of so-called “orthodox” Christianity.

There is so much to say concerning this issue of false teachers, but here are a few things for each of us to consider:

-Do I truly believe there are false teachers who twist the Bible for their own agenda??

-Can I unashamedly name any false teachers that are within mainstream Christianity??

-How do I recognize these false teachers and do I warn others about them??

-Is it possible that false teachers are in my church, denomination, or even the authors I read??

-Have I fallen more for the charisma of man than understanding the content of the message??

-Do the pastors and leaders I sit under spend more time sharing opinions and stories than giving a clear understanding of a Bible passage in the context it was written??

-Are the pastors, leaders, authors, and others I surround myself with, those that proclaim a balanced Gospel of calling people to both a continued lifestyle of repentance as well as declaring forgiveness in Jesus’ name??

These are just a few of the questions that are critical we ask ourselves.  If we aren’t careful to always be questioning and discerning everything we encounter, we are bound to fall for anything that has the appearance of being “Christian”.  Therefore, we must be on guard and grounded in the Truth of the Bible so that we don’t get carried away and trusting in people who might be leading us away from Jesus.