Click Bait

You’ve got to see this.  Bet you’ve never seen something like this.  The 7 things that you haven’t ever heard.  Watch what these people do, it will amaze you.

We’ve all seen it.  Links to articles, videos, and other things that just beg for people’s attention.  And let’s be honest, each of us has probably clicked on a few.  It’s one of those, “Okay, you got me”, type moments.

These things are called “Click Bait”.  People give fancy headings that grab your attention and get you to go to whatever link.  Some end up being advertising.  Others, just ways to try to get you connected.

For ministries and churches, they have seemed to take advantage of the using this type of method as well.  Whether it be through social media or real world strategies, they seek the biggest audience they can acquire.

If you can come up with a catchy enough slogan, people will often check it out.  Ever get a marketing flier from a church??  Usually some invite to a new trendy sermon series’ or an event like Easter or Christmas, simply trying to attract people to their churches.  It is amazing the amount of money that is spent on these glossy, colorful postcards.  Oh, and don’t forget about the added cost of postage.

I remember sitting in some church and denomination meetings a while back, hearing people talk about how to get more people into churches.  It was unbelievable hearing about the ways people would come up with to try to do “outreach”.  Some even said, out loud, that the cost of the marketing and advertising would be offset if one or two families would join and begin to give financially to the church.  Really??  Is this really what churches and ministries have succumb to doing??  Do they even hear themselves??

The most recent trend for ministries and churches has been this “Pokemon Go” game.  Between pastors doing theme sermons and churches becoming hot spots, the way of churches has now become to be culturally relevant rather than actually speaking the Truth into our lost world.  Some argue that if you aren’t engaged with the things people are doing, then you aren’t effective in reaching people.  This just isn’t true.

The problem with this sort of thinking is that churches are no longer a place of declaring the Gospel and God’s Word to our world, but rather a bastion of the world.  Just look at the results.

People really can’t make the case that all these professing “Christians” are really walking in faith and obedience to the Lord.  If that were true, than people’s lives and what they were pursuing would be drastically different.  So what can we make of the people filling these so-called churches??

Between the “stellar” Seeker-Sensitive movement and the sheer shallowness of advertising, we can only conclude that these tactics and gimmicks are just that.  Gimmicks.  Although some may have the right motivations to begin with in seeking to connect with those that don’t know Jesus, the means don’t equate to the ends.  People are not truly being saved despite all the attempts to be more culturally relevant.

People are given assurance that they are “saved”, but by many buying into one time praying a “sinner’s prayer”, many are going down the path of destruction.  Most want a church that isn’t threatening to their sinful ways and who won’t call out those walking in sin.  This is not just unloving, but evil.  People are being giving false assurance in which they think that they can define Jesus how they want, but ends up resulting in their eternal separation from God in Hell.

Enough is enough.  It is time for true believers to wake up and make a stand.

The reality is that many don’t want to repent and believe the Gospel (Mark 1:15).  They want to live their lives how they want and believe they will be saved.  This is incompatible and must end.  We must return to preaching the Gospel and declaring the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27).

The scary part is that churches are so dependent upon the outward appearance of success that many have sold themselves to Satan’s schemes.  In order to “make it”, churches need people giving.  In order to have people giving, they need to have people.  In order for people, they need programs.  In order to have programs, they need to seek to fulfill people’s “felt needs”.  And round and round it goes.

Some might say I’m being to harsh and critical.  But I would challenge you to look at the people that are attending many of these churches today.  Do their lives really reflect the faith of those in Scripture??  Or do their lives look more like a sub-culture of the world??  I would suggest the latter.

The reason I write all of this is that my heart breaks for the people being led astray.  Whether people realize it or not, they are not being presented the Truth.  People are buying into a different gospel which is no Gospel at all (2 Corinthians 11:3-4, Galatians 1:8).

As believers, pastors, and leaders, we have a great responsibility to be living out and proclaiming the Truth to people.  We can’t use worldly methods to simply gain an audience, let alone let people comfortably sit by thinking they are “saved” when in reality they are not.  Enough of the gimmicks.