You Might Need To Re-Think…

If your pastor spends more time quoting others than preaching the Bible in context, you might need to re-think what church you go to.

If you anxiously await the new “Christian” book that is coming out rather than diving into reading and studying all of the Bible, you might want to recognize that your source for truth is from man and not God.

If “false teachers” are only those that don’t claim to be “Christian” or are from other religions, you may need to read in the Bible that false teachers are often disguised as Christians and twist the Bible out of context.

If your church is focused more on building projects, sending out mailers, marketing, or the programs and events they are coordinating, you need to return to the Bible to see how to really define the Church.

If you believe that the goal of church is to invite others to your church rather than the responsibility of each believer sharing Jesus with those around them, you may need to change your beliefs about evangelism.

If you believe “unity” is more important than Truth, then you’ve misunderstood unity according to Jesus in the Gospel of John.

If you think that “inter-faith initiatives” are an opportunity to work with others for the same goal, you’ve missed the Great Commission.

If your church cares more about “mission” or being “missional” rather than the Truth, your church might be focused on humanitarian work rather than the Gospel.

If you are following those claiming that anything they teach is “radical”, “scandalous”, “reckless”, or any other hyper-adjective rather than on the simple daily walk with the Lord, you are more than likely following the wrong crowd.

If you say your church teaches the Bible, but the pastor spends more time on his sermon series’ plucking verses from the Bible for his agenda, your church isn’t “Bible Based”, but Bible Twisting.

If you are told that mystery and doubt are qualities to be embraced, it’s likely you are are following the Emergent Church movement and need to return to Scripture to see these are things to be rejected, not embraced.

If your church is more concerned about “building community” rather than making disciples, you are probably at the wrong church.

If you believe there is something called, “Christian Yoga”, and think that it is actually “Christian”, you may need to learn more about Yoga and how it is incompatible with true Christianity.

If your small group looks more like a “life group, “book club”, or ”social gathering”, rather than a place to gather with others to actually study the Bible, you are probably in the wrong group.

If you spend more time sharing “inspirational” phrases from what you’ve been reading rather than encouraging and challenging one another from Scripture, you may need to re-evaluate how you spend your time.

If you believe that the end of faith is in “Jesus finished work on the cross” rather than the beginning of a growing, active, and obedient faith, you might be following the modern grace or hyper-grace movement and might need to spend some time learning about the danger of these movements.

If you are comfortable simply “attending” church, but not actively engaged in knowing and ministering to those in the church, you might need to change your thoughts about Church.

If you are more concerned about “Social Justice” and see that as true “Christianity”, you are more likely an activist and not a disciple.

If you are following people that are teaching Spiritual Formation, Contemplative Prayer, Silence, Solitude, Mysticism, or any other ancient spiritual practice and claim it is “Christian”, you might need to re-read your Bible to see these things are found nowhere inside.

If your pastor or the leaders you follow love going around promoting their own books and gushing over other pastors and leaders, they are not people to be admired, but need to be truly ignored.

If the sermons you listen to are focused upon “your best life now” and not on how we are to grow in faith and obedience, it’s likely you are caught up in the Prosperity Gospel; which is really no “Gospel” at all.

If your church encourages “Lectio Divina”, “Prayer Labyrinths”, “Sacred Enneagram”, or any other similar practices, they are forms of divination, and not of God.

If being “authentic” and “real” are more important than confessing and repenting of sin, you may have misunderstood the Gospel.

If your loyalty to your church or denomination is more important than standing for Truth, you are seeking to please man and not God.

If you hear people talk about different “expressions”, “faith traditions”, “tribes”, or “brands” of “Christianity”, what they really mean is that the Way is wide; this sounds more like Universalism than true Christianity.

If you are promised health, wealth, and miracles, you are more than likely following the Word of Faith crowd and not the Bible.

If those you are following are always pointing you to some supernatural showy spiritual gifts to confirm their faith, you should be truly skeptical and re-read 1 Corinthians to have a better perspective of true spiritual gifts and their operations.

If you believe that “The Message” is just another version of the Bible, compare passages like the Lord’s Prayer with the New American Standard Bible to see that “The Message” is utterly garbage and should be used by no one.

If your church is growing and has dynamic “ministries”, it doesn’t mean that you are part of a “good” church, but rather it must be evaluated according to the characteristics found in Scripture and not simply outward appearances.

If we are simply just part of God’s “story”, this is Narrative Theology and not reality.

If your church decides they need to “pray”, have a “conversation”, or “dialogue”, to decide on certain social issues, what they really mean is that Truth isn’t simply found in the Bible, but among consensus; run away…fast.

If you think by following a certain tradition, practice, or formula you gain favor with God, it is “Christian Superstition” and is not Biblical.

If those you follow are reconsidering, redefining, or have some “new perspective”, on the atonement, hell, or other major doctrines, they are part of the Progressive “Christianity” movement and should be outrightly rejected.

If your church talks about how to get more “volunteers”, they operate more like a secular organization or charity than the Body of Christ.

If your pastor or the leaders you follow love to share acronyms, fill in the blanks, the 3 “R’s” of some topic, or the however many keys, ways, signs, marks, strategies, or steps to whatever, they are more interested in being “cute” than really preach and teach the Truth of the Bible.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.  The world, churches, and many professing believers are a mess.  We must be on guard so that we don’t drift away from the faith. (Hebrews 2)  The first step begins with each of us.  We cannot continue to embrace and tolerate those that pull us away from Biblical faith, but must boldly stand for the Truth.  May the Lord help us to discern what is truly going on today.